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Keep-A-Pet Questions and Answers

Q: Hello, I would like to know how this product works exactly through the skin. If there are any collateral effects, and for how long the pet should be use it.
I live in Brazil and I want to make sure if the request of this product will get here for sure. Thank you.

A: You have asked a question that is quite substantive in it's answer.  Here goes!


1) The DNA in all mammals represent a genetic blueprint, or complete picture, of that organism.
2) A mammal's DNA will complete this genetic blueprint at that stage where reproduction is most likely to occur.
3) After this reproductive stage is reached, the gland which expresses critical anti-aging enzymes (which allowed cells to replicate to that volume needed to reach maturity) atrophies and no longer expresses these enzymes into the bloodstream.
4) With the DNA's ability to replicate halted, the mammal shows symptoms of age and eventually dies as internal systems fail.
5) Reintroduction of these critical enzyme extracts and peptides (which activate/replace telomerase and other critical enzymes) will extend telomeres and allow the mammal's DNA to recombine again.
6) It's DNA recombined and functioning, the organism's DNA will attempt to return the mammal to that physical and cellular state where reproduction occurs.

7) With a steady supply of these critical anti-aging enzymes and peptides, all mammals should retain their physical looks and youthful functionality indefinitely!
8) Keep-A-Pet may be the most important nutritional supplement available for pets as it was designed to address all of these concepts!

Historic_Facts: In the last century, the life span of the canine has doubled, from 10 years to 20 years. Some scientists are predicting now that pets born in the year 2000 will see the year 2050! The scientific technique for the extraction of a solution which will re-activate Telomere Lengthening Enzymes is available to current-day researchers and has been shown in studies to reset cellular functionality and thereby, in theory, prolong a healthy individual's life span! The makers of Keep-A-Pet use 2 advanced extraction techniques to achieve the optimal concentration of enzyme re-activators from Select Glandular Tissue.

Geron Corporation Press Release Quotes:

1) "Telomerase maintains telomere length and allows the cells to divide indefinitely while retaining normal function and phenotype."
2) "Telomerase activation in aged or chronically stressed normal cells has been shown to slow or reverse telomere shortening, increase replicative capacity and restore or improve cellular function."
3)" Many degenerative diseases, including other chronic infections, macular degeneration, osteoporosis, liver and cardiovascular diseases and chronic ulcers, show characteristics of accelerated aging and loss of key cellular functions. In addition, certain genetic disorders are caused by specific mutations that impair telomerase function."
OUR THEORIES ARE DERIVED FROM NORMAL VS.ACCELERATED AGING Keep-A-Pet is rich in critical glandular enzymes and peptide extracts, which have been shown in laboratory testing to activate and reset the telomere length of Recombinant DNA. When a healthy cell divides, the DNA within the nucleus of the cell fragments. In order for the DNA to recombine, the telomere gene must attract and bind to the correct segment of the DNA strand, in effect 'zipping' DNA together again.

Telomeres are finger-like projections on the ends of each DNA fragment which 'link' to other fragments.  The problem is that each time a cell divides, a small section the telomere length is lost. An average human cell has been calculated as having between 80 and 120 possible divisions  (the Hayflick Limit, named after researcher Leonard Hayflick) before needing the enzymes that will once again lengthen these telomere "fingers".  The Hayflick Limit constitutes the time before the telomere length is too small to allow the DNA to recombine. This 'old' cell has reached senescence (old age) when the DNA stays fragmented within the nucleus of the cell.    Cells without the ability to express (generate) their own telomere renewing enzymes are called 'Mortal' cells.  Pet cells divide between 30 and 50 times.

Keep-A-Pet adds Telomere Elongating Enzymes and Peptides into the body once again.**

1) Certain animals are born with a defective gland which expresses little or no telomerase enzyme (Fact).
2) These animals show all symptoms of aging immediately at birth, not after puberty (Fact).
3) Animals of all species' telomerase enzyme producing gland atrophies after puberty (Fact).
4) Aging symptoms in normal animals occur after puberty (Fact).
5) We believe Normal Aging is the result of the reduction or absence of certain enzymes our body no longer expresses, especially telomerase enzyme (Theory).
6) We believe that Keep-A-Pet, given to our pets as a dietary supplement, will prolong a healthy animals lifespan significantly(Theory).

Studies to date have shown that human cells supplied with a constant source of telomerase enzyme activating enzymes and peptides have increased their replication period past 600 doublings (an increase of nearly 700%), whereas human cells without this enzyme constantly present only average 86 doublings.

To date, there have been no negative side effects (collateral effects).  Pet fur which has turned white with age usually returns to a youthful color again.  Pets with mild arthritis tend to overcome these issues and walk normally.

The product is not taken through the skin, it is sprayed on the pet's food.  You choose the amount you spray, between 1 and 5 sprays per day.  You never need to worry about putting too much Keep-A-Pet on your pet's food as the body removes unused telomerase in it's urine.

Keep-A-Pet ships Internationally, and we have shipped to clients in Brazil.  The general shipping time using USPS International Priority Mail is 10-15 business days.

Q: Will the addition of telomerase enzyme create abnormal cell or tissue growth, such as tumors?

A1:  No.  Researchers stated a few years ago that even though Cancerous cells use/express telomerase enzyme for their own benefit, the same telomerase enzyme they're expressing helps the body's own defense system by allowing the damaged cells surrounding the cancerous tumor the ability to repair themselves!

A2:  No. The release of telomerase enzyme from a particular gland is a natural process that happens up until puberty in nearly all species. Keep-A-Pet simply supports that natural process and replaces the enzyme.  Keep-A-Pet does not introduce anything that the body had not already expressed itself. No instances of tumors or any similar problem have ever been observed when using telomerase enzyme extracts in mammals over an observational frame of 30 years. Geron Corporation said during a press release;

1) " Telomerase maintains telomere length and allows the cells to divide indefinitely while retaining normal function and phenotype."

2) "Cells are the building blocks for all tissues in all mammals and cell division plays a critical role in the normal growth, maintenance and repair of tissue and organs. However, most cell division is a limited process, programmed by the DNA to run out. Depending on the tissue type, cells generally divide only 60 to 100 times (in humans) during the course of their normal lifespan. We and our collaborators have shown that telomeres, located at the ends of chromosomes, are key genetic elements involved in the regulation of the cellular aging process. Our work has shown that each time a normal cell divides, telomeres shorten. Once telomeres reach a certain short length, cell division halts and the cell enters a state known as replicative senescence or aging. Thus, this shortening of the telomeres effectively serves as a molecular "clock" for cellular aging. We and others have shown that when the enzyme telomerase is introduced into normal cells, it can restore telomere length - reset the "clock" - thereby increasing the functional lifespan of the cells. Importantly, it does this without altering the cells' biology or causing them to become cancerous."

Q: If extra telomerase is introduced into our pet's systems, will it increase the chance of contracting cancer?
A: No.  The other concept that we haven't brought up is the exposure time common to cell mutations occurring in the presence of a carcinogen.  This can take decades, and telomerase enzyme is natural, all organic, and not a carcinogen.  The lifespan of our cats now is about 14 years and we want to double that with the telomerase extraction technology we're licensing.  Please view the Geron quotes above, as TA-65 and Sierra Sciences license their technology from Geron itself.  You yourself trust this science, and it doesn't change between species.  I would like to emphasize that we use porcine glandular extracts for our product, which are 100% compatible with Ferrets, Horses, Humans, Canines and Cats for actual telomere alignment and sequencing.