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THE SCIENCE behind Keep A Pet™

The body's organs have multiple tasks.  Whether they ‘program’ T-Cells to recognize and fight 2horses invading organisms in the body or express an abundance of telomerase (a reverse-transcriptase enzyme which extends  the ends of  chromosomes and allows them to divide), they function generally without backup systems.  After the onset of puberty a specific gland in all mammals atrophies and stops expressing telomerase enzyme, ending the ability for the cells to continue to replicate. The mammals still appear to function normally, but they are technically “coasting downhill” and without new cells to replace damaged cells, will begin to show aging symptoms over a span of years/decades and eventually die.  The logical approach here for anti-aging purposes would be to re-introduce this remarkable enzyme after the reproductive age is reached in a mammal and this would, in theory, extend the recipient's active life-span.  Significantly?  Yes, barring disease and accidents.  Indefinitely?  Only time will tell.

kittenpuppyAnti-Oxidants:  As a cell resides within an environment which may encounter contaminants and irritants, these attractive junk particles can accumulate within a cell, even into the cell’s nucleus.  Think of an oxidant as slivers of metal in the engine oil in your car.  The oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine and reduces friction while the metal slivers scratch the smooth engine surfaces, create friction within moving parts. These slivers need to be filtered out if the engine is expected to last any length of time!  So, just as we supplement our diets with anti-oxidants which cleanse the body of these abusive particles so too do our pets require this form of nutritional cleansing. Our bodies function better with anti-oxidants and so will our pets!

Our Product Technology and Theories Are Licensed from Phoenix Research Institute:

1) The DNA in all organisms represent a genetic blueprint, or complete picture, of that organism.

2) An organism will complete this genetic bueprint at that stage where reproduction is most likely to occur.

3) After this reproductive stage is reached, the gland which expresses critical anti-aging enzymes (which allowed our cells to replicate to that volume needed to reach maturity) atrophies and no longer expresses these essential enzymes into the bloodstream.

4) With the organism's ability to repicate it's cells gone, the organism shows symptoms of age and eventually dies as internal systems fail.

5) Reintroduction of these critical enzyme extracts and peptides (which activate/replace telomerase and other critical enzymes) will extend telomeres and allow the organism's DNA to recombine again.

6) It's DNA recombined and functioning, the organism's DNA will attempt to return the organism to that physical and cellular state where reprodction occurs.

7) With a steady supply of these critical anti-aging enzymes and peptides, all organisms should retain their physical looks and youthful functionality, indefinitely!

8) Keep A Pet™ may be the most important nutritional supplement available for your pets, as it was designed to address all of these concepts!

Dr. CHangpuppy and katcat and pup 2catfight

Keep A Pet™ is rich in critical glandular enzymes and peptide extracts, which have been shown in laboratory testing to activate and reset the telomere length of Recombinant DNA. When a healthy cell divides, the DNA within the nucleus of the cell fragments. In order for the DNA to recombine again, the telomere gene must attract and bind to the correct segment of the DNA strand, in effect 'zipping' DNA together again.

Telomeres are finger-like projections on the ends of each DNA fragment which 'link' to other fragments. The problem is that each time a cell divides, a small section of the telomere length is lost.mousedna An average human cell has been calculated as having between 80 and 120 possible divisions (the Hayflick limit) before needing the enzymes that will once again lengthen these telomere "fingers". The Hayflick limit constitutes the time before the telomere length is too small to allow the DNA to recombine. This 'old' cell has reached senescence (old age) when the DNA stays fragmented within the nucleus of the cell. Cells without the ability to express (generate) their own telomere renewing enzymes are called 'Mortal' cells. All animals have differing limits to their cellular replicative ability.

A specific gland in all mammals expresses the greatest amount of Telomere Lengthening Enzymes before the mammal reaches adolescense (oxygenated blood passes through this gland and carries the telomerase to all cells in the body). After reaching the age where the mammal is most likely to reproduce, the gland expressing excess telomerase enzyme atrophies and eventually the mammal will die after a significant amount of cells reach senescence and inttelomerase modifiedernal organs fail. Reintroduction of thymic enzymes and peptides into a senescent cell (which has not been able to recombine it's DNA due to shortened telomeres at the ends of it's chromosomes) has shown that the telomeres elongate and the DNA recombines again! Once its telomere length is reset, a healthy cell can go from a static Senescent State to a functional cell capable of cellular divisions. Reproductive cells within the human body have provisions to reset the length of their telomeres indefinitely and can be seen as having "cellular immortality", as their ability to replicate is indefinite. Keep A Pet™ adds Telomere Elongating Enzymes and Peptides into the body once again. We've done the hard work, the rest is up to your pet!

Remember, you likely won't see a physical change in your pet (unless skin pigment/hair coloration changes to a more youthful coloration) as pets don't exhibit many age-related physical changes. Instead, look for changes in their mannerisms (cats meowing and acting like kittens again, dogs exhibiting more energy and playfulness, health issues clearing up, etc). Keep A Pet™ brings new hope for our beloved pets!