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Kevin Writes: "Hello, I'd like to express my thanks to the makers of Keep-A-Pet™! My cat OJ is 7 years OJ old and up till a month ago, slept all day, had little energy, and started getting white hairs on his chest (OJ is a black Siamese). After I started using Keep-A-Pet™ his energy levels picked up and now he roams the house like he did when he was young, meows and talks to us like he did when he was a kitten, finds endless fun playing with yard crickets, and those white hairs on his chest are gone! I'm sold on this product and will recommend it to all my friends."

Kevin S., Hemet CA, U.S.A. August 2012



rockyBill Writes: "Rocky is my mixed-breed shepherd. He's getting on in years and has trouble walking and until 3 weeks ago was becoming incontinent. I heard of Keep-A-Pet™ and as some of my friend are already taking telomerase enzyme supplements called "Reneuve" and "TA-65" I thought I'd give this pet supplement a try. I wasn't disappointed. Just a week after applying 3 squirts a day to Rocky's food his incontinence ended! My wife and I are very happy that we can let Rocky out again for his business before bedtime and not need to clean up the kitchen floor in the morning anymore! We're hoping it will help with his arthritis too but it's too early for that. Thanks Keep-A-Pet™!

Bill M., Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A. September 2012




Stewart Writes: "I bought Keep-A-Pet™ and have been using it on my best friend Viking (a miniature Poodle). I'm happy that Viking will live with me a longer and healthier life, but that's not the real story here. My neighbor's Chow is 13 years old and getting arthritic hips. She tends to drag her rear legs on the tile floors when she's indoors as it's easier and less painful than moving her hips. I mentioned Keep-A-Pet™ to her owner Tim, and he agreed to try my spray on his Chow. Within a week the Chow was walking to her food dish instead of dragging her back legs! We're sure it was the side-effect of the telomerase enzyme and Tim ordered his first vial last week. Good! Leaves more of mine for Viking!"

Stewart R., Rhode Island, U.S.A. September 2012




Mary Writes: "My friend Kevin introduced me to Keep-A-Pet™ a year ago. I was skeptical, but love my Persian kitty Samantha so I tried it myself. In 2 years Samantha's hair is so beautiful that I may enter her in an upcoming cat show! She has more energy now and is very playful. Although she is mostly an outdoor kitty, when she's inside she does not shed as much anymore using Keep-A-Pet™ once a day (I spray the solution in her bowl once a day). I truly enjoy seeing so much difference for such a simple and inexpensive product. Thank you Kevin for telling me about this remarkable nutritional supplement and Thanks toKeep-A-Pet™!

Mary H., Palm Springs, CA, U.S.A. June 2014




Joveline Writes: "I bought Keep-A-Pet™ for my wonderful cat Queenie after watching a Doctor Oz show talking about telomeres. Wonderful product! Queenie's fur is more colorful (she's 8 years old) after treating her Friskies with Keep-A-Pet™. As other's attest; she has more energy and a more youthful demeanor now! I love this! If this keeps up I'm going to buy a people version of this product for myself and my husband!"

Joveline S., Brunswick, Canada February 2016





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